Andromedan Energy- The Traits

The Andromedans are a highly intelligent people, As are, any being that is not 3D. They are most of a spiritual nature, I will not go any further into detail. But, their appearance is off radar, no one here, ever really being able to define their appearances because they chamoflauge themselves into any species that they come around. Incarnated, they are a bit over dominating, strong, self  assertive, confident, and the attention of any crowd. They love being noticed, they love being the center of everyone's focus. Even though, they are so smart, sometimes they make some really bad decision making here in the physical life. They like to feel the five senses, and pleasure them. They enjoy food, the love sex, and they may try recreational drugs to stimulate the senses. Not always though, there are some, alot even who like to stimulate the senses naturally. These soul types are beings who like to try new things, and  then tell everyone about it. They are sensitive, but they do not always try to show it, except, it comes out anyway in their mannerisms. The males seem more in touch with the female and male, aspects of the duality, almost understanding what a woman wants totally.

The females, have a bit of that dominating energy, in which makes them the pants of the relationships, because they are so self assertive. Popular, and well known, Andromedans, are quite beautiful people. Soft features, shiny hair, and beautiful eyes. These personalities like to try out new things, but they often stick with what they know looks best on them. So, if something looked good on them in the 90's, there is a pretty good chance that will still be rocking it. The down side to this soul type, is that they can be jealous, possessive, and even at time cheat on their significant other, because of the attention. If they do not get enough, they will find elsewhere. If they find it, the will relish it. They love sensual things. They are very peace loving and cannot stand negative drama. They do love some good excitement though.

Most Andromedans, not all now, all natural healers, and very organized. Their clothing, home, and physical appearance will be top notch. They heal with the organization skills. However, their hands do the talking. The have emissions of energy that come out of their touch that would make them great at being nurses, doctors, reiki masters,physical and massage therapists, They love the risk, the thrill, and sensation of anything fun in life, and have bubbly personalities. However, if others are not going along with the agenda, they can become irritated, and sometimes spiteful. Some may act childish, but really they do have a mature way about them, that they learned as a soul back home. It is just that everything is so highly technical there, that they want to let loose and experience life. And they do. They will stay in long term commitments, but there will always be a sense of longing freedom there. They like to do so many different things. They think life on Earth is so behind in the times, and some of the things that we do here, are from their ancient past. That's right. They are technologically advanced, and far ahead in all things. Their world would not even fit into the idea of our distant future because they have so much time ahead of us.

Souls from Andromeda have to keep moving and traveling. Their energy is very confident, but not proud. They enjoy their achievements, and appreciate the wisdom they learned to get there. they are one of the more peaceful, positive soul types in Starseed Soul Types, and have a great agenda within their council, to make sure peace is held all over, celestially too.

Andromedan Starseeds:
Peace Keepers
Love a good risk or thrill
like to travel and explore
Enjoy sexuality
Have a good head on their shoulders
Are laid back and chill in their personality
Have a great charm, and confidence
Tend to be popular and well liked.
Like technology
Enjoy commitment, but like to explore love.
Have great wisdom but balance that with having fun
Natural Healers in Reiki
Want to try new things
Like to create with their hands
Have a laid back style of their own
Leader in a group of friends,not followers
Light up the room and are mainly the center of attention
Great Fashion Sense
Like dancing and music

They can have some flipside traits, we'll go into those later on. in all, Andromedans are the fun, popular people we always wish we could be like.

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