Monday, October 3, 2016

Meissa Starseeds?

Divine loving blessings, to all those truly touched with grace and purity . As warriors here, of love, I welcome you to this article with an open heart. It is a dark time out there, if you are can see.. For those who can not, I have tried, but sadly not many are ready to embrace the truth.  The Creator spoke to me... I will do it in another blog.

 I will do as those before have me done, and speak in parables.

The Meissa Starseeds...

I was asked to do a piece on Meissa Starseeds. The truth is, every ounce of light is a form of consciousness. Whether aware of itself or not. In Orion, there are many forms of light there. We know of many beings who come from the Orion Star System, and they have been here a long time. From the days of Lemuria.  A few races were there, I mentioned a few here and there in other articles. All of the articles come together though. Orion star children, Lyrans, and Sirians, all share a similar architecture as Egypt. That is because they were the ones who shared first with each other, and then here. Only each star system has a different rendition of the structures and different materials. But some of the greatest Orion Star beings to ever live here?  One had been  a chief of the Dogon one time, and another with the Mayans. The Orion and Sirius connection is one that had always been tight. They worked closely together, even in Egypt. truth is, if you have been here a long time, you all have crossed paths with one another somewhere, through the many families who started this all. many will have had lives in Egypt, Sumer, Atlantis, Lemuria, and England. That is because, if you are a starseed, you will have been passing int he lineages raised up by the star beings who originally came. Not everyone, but many. The bloodline is a big part of everything. I will do a piece on this later. Genetic programming is a big thing. However, it would be through the humans and the hybrids that it all came together. Like in ancient times, a Sirian who mated with someone and their late generations being in a particular area as they migrated to find a land of their own.. Egypt was huge for this. Even Moses, had been with them at first and broke off with their architecture and mathematical system for his own people who he raised into a nation, under the energy of..well I will save that for the course.

In this knowledge, Meissa is one of the star systems, that not had many starseeds come here, not really. They are serpentine in their makeup. They are greatly enlightened beings. Many may hear the word Serpent, and think that this is evil. No. Not all serpentine and dragon races are malevolent. Rather, some are of good will, and just really intimidating in their size, how their energy feels, and how they  know much. Their power and sight can be overwhelming. But they are serpentine. Meissa is the tiny star that exists at the top of the neck of Orion himself. From Earth view that is. It is actually a double star. The Lunar Mansion. It is quite exquisite.  I know that at one time they got the star confused with another, as from earth view the ones it was close to, together, made it look even brighter. So they called it the Shining One. It is too hot there for life to exist. It is a UV ray, and has an X-ray source.  Some of the stars in Orion are many times more illuminated than the sun. There are three planets. Although they tell you 2. However Meissa is about 1100 light years away and is a a spectral of invisible  light all around it as the UV branches onward, It transmutes into purple, blue, green, and so on till it turns into red here on Earth.. But all energy is intelligence, so who are the serpents that live there?

Well no matter how strong the light, it has a reality of its own in another dimension not visible to us. Just like Niburu. Silly people, they tried to say Niburu was an actual physical planet that one could see... It is, but not of this dimension. It gets closer and closer everyday, yet you will not notice. The habitat in Meissa is the same. It infuses invisible light, and in that another world. The serpents in Meissa are wise, old, and ancient. They have wisdom of Earth's Creation, and of the dimensions. They do not play around. They have the knowledge, but will never tell you. because they hold it so scared they fear other holding onto it. The star race of Meissa, is one of great renown.

Traits of Otherdimensional, Meissa Beings

If they were here? Well, a soul brought from there to be born here.. would be quiet, secretive, and skeptical of this world in its strange ways.  They would seek spiritual organizations that taught what had a lot of the truth in them, and they would take it serious. They would be so firm in their belief, that the word conforming is not enough to explain their loyalty. The have love, and are kind, but are strong minded, and seekers of the truths that lay under it all, and they do not take the truths lightly. They will research, and look into all that they hear, as they will want to prove the information that they come across. They are skeptical otherwise, according to what they have been taught already and believe to be true. They have scientific minds. They would take jobs that challenge their minds, but in truth, nothing here would ever be enough. All that they want, is to experience this world and then return home. In their experiences, it would be highly organized. Marriage, tradition, spirituality, and interests. The males are powerful, with great sense sensuality. The women are passive, kind, and strong supporters of what their authorities say. They believe in leadership.  Not this world's but something beyond it. They seem to answer to another otherworldly power. They have ways of channeling the other dimensions. But only to their powers, ones from their dimension.. And they are huge.  They are warriors, and would fight, knowing death is an ugly thing, they never life. However, if they felt they were threatened, their strategy is so calculated, and quiet, that no one would ever see it coming. And they take everything, as spiritual. Even war if it occurs. Everything that they do is in the name of their faith. This faith is brought form their realm here. However, again, that is rare... They would rather be home, than coming to a place that is considered behind them.

The Meissa have visited through out history, but you will not find claims of them such as the 300,000 people claiming to be Pleiadian. They would not announce it, and if they did, it would be because there was a huge cause to do so. Like saving people. Sort of how we angels do when we need people to see. We say what we are, but we know the person knows it in their soul, from how they "feel" us watching.. Even though powerful, the Meissa is really a humble energy in its truest form.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Children of the Feather- Star Beings

In previous articles, I mentioned some soul types who come from all over. I know many still struggle with the idea that souls come from many places in the Universe, and that consciousness can take on any chosen form, in it's vibration. It can even grow. This is Starseed Week for my soul type coverage. Therefore, let;s go into some of the star races first, so that everyone can at least know, what exists out there, I felt like giving general ideas and categories, was not good enough. I want everyone to be educated and have enough. Let's go a bit deeper into  The Star Warriors.

Children of the Feather:

A long time ago, a race of beings came to Earth, whom the Hopi Indians called, "Children of the Feather". They were said to had been a group of "Blues", who came from the stars to help humans from the domination and control of the government and the Greys. The greys were monitoring the Earth to watch over human evolution. People said these beings were evil, only because they were abducting people to explore the human form. They saw humans as a form of lower consciousness. Much like how man views animals for experiments and food, the Greys saw humans equal to that vibration, and decided they could somehow help them to the next stage of development. Instead, people out of fear from the experiments, started to dread any interaction. The government, knowing the Greys would succeed, told the public they did not exist at all, and made many people think that they were crazy for the visitations.

If you were a ruler with a huge ego, would you tell your people of a race who could help in evolving them to the next step? That step, would lead them from under the governments domination and control, and just like in ancient times, they did not want that. The Greys got a bad reputation. None the less, their tactics of observation, and research, the experiments, were a bit frightening. For a human who did not know how to communicate and was captured, it would be terrifying. Especially, as they lay there on a table, prepped for an experiment that would be a little painful.That would be enough to scare anyone. It was simply bad methods, and lack of communication. Come on now, if a being came to you, you would think it supernatural right? If it asked you if it could have some of your hair, and saliva, would you readily give it? Probably so. But without communication, the silent beings who abducted many, would seem like a looming threat.  The government had normal, every people, tell their "stories", without the government confirming. It got the message out there, while making it look like a conspiracy theory at the same time.


Another group of beings had come for a visit long before. They had been to Earth in ancient times, and thought it to be an intimidating world. They found the Native Indians, who were kind and respected them. in the 1940's through the 1950's, they had returned, only the Greys had heard about it. The returning group of beings were termed as the "Blues", and the friendly, receptive Indians called them, the "Children of the Feather'. The "Children of the Feather' were called such, because they had distinct features. I'll describe...

The Prophecy:

 So in an accurate description of the children of the stars, is that they were tall, with blue skin, and came with "animal faces". some were snakes, birds, wolves, and eagles. Sounds alot like the Biblical Cherubim and four living creatures right? Just in their perspective.. In the visitations, they were called "blues" due to the energy that made up their holographic light bodies. What were these beings though? They were wonderful entities, who were guardians from a few places as they migrated, spread out, and populated other colonies. The main ones were from Orion (another habitat there). They were also present with the Hopi. A lot of the  teachings spread in those areas, far south, up into Arizona.  Many beings, were trying to work together in helping the Earthling people, from the days of Atlantis. They wanted to to try to reinstate the teachings in areas more freer from the rule of the Archons, taking place all over the east. But as you can see, they made their way to the Americas, and slaughter these tribes of people. Do you believe that some of them were taken up to the stars, in the Mayan culture? some say since they disappeared, they went up. This is only a question for you.. I will not answer it.

The Hopi revered these beings, and their teachings included the one with a Star named Kachina. They said it would mark the end of a great shift in the ages, and the rapture. This star was speculated as the ISON Comet, discovered in 2012. How convenient that it was the same year that the Mayan Prophecy took place, with the planetary alignment. Since 2012, nothing has ever been the same though.  This was also prophesied about, in Christianity. Only they know, if they got this from the Hopi teachings themselves. They did have a way of being slick and slipping in new stuff over the years and making their own. While I do not agree fully with all New Age, I also do not agree with Christianity. For two "spiritual"movements to put one another down, is not at all spiritual nor an enlightened way of handling things. Truly, we as a people have fought for long enough over who is wrong or right.. Its time to end that argument.

Thoughts on New Age and Christianity:

I feel this way... Who is right or wrong? No one.. Neither. Both... Let me explain... In all religions there is a background of truth hidden in there, if a person is enlightened to see it. But, in all religions, there is a surface deception as well. The truth is going beyond all of them, through all of them, which is what I am doing in the Truthology Course. Those of you who think of enrolling, please ask yourself why you want to first though..  Yes, all religion, non-religion, regular jobs, etc.. require money to make the world go around. In all realm, all things are an even exchange. Here, through the government it is material monetary exchange, without, we have no way to eat, pay bills, or obtain clothing.  Unfortunately, giving a psychic reading to the electric company, will not be acceptable. True or not?  So, even though people judge the spiritual movements and religions for greed, (yes there is a lot of greed going on), some still need to work by the laws of this realm while here, to survive. Look at the good that the groups do, in order to see if they are giving. For example, I ask the creator for help surviving (I would never ask for a bunch of riches), so in my request I am sent customers. I give in exchange for my skills, and abilities. However, since the creator made that possible, I give back for that request being answered to, through charity.  I live modestly. I clean my own home. I save for groceries. and I wear cheap clothes.  Donations are given to the people in need. I also feed the homeless, and help people with free services, who are doing really bad. i also give discounts to those who are struggling, and do children and animals sometimes for free, and when I do charge it is always a huge discount for them as I respect the owners/parents for caring for them, since they can not do it themself. An even exchange all around. But yes, many have brought in greed and gave nothing in return. I understand how people would judge that.. We live in 3D, even those of us at higher vibrations, we have to be here to provide the messages of those higher planes, therefore we have to live as well.

The Prophecy and Biblical Comparrison
 The Children of the Feather were given many gifts for their visitations. The Hopi only lived off of nature. However, they had great celebrations for these Messengers, and gave to them stones, herbs, music, food, The message was valuable, worth it... Right? Isn't all divine information, worth something? They used their energy, their wisdom, their time to do so. They were appreciated, and in exchange, they foretold of an epic change in society. The great white brotherhood, will return upon the coming of the Blue Kachina, to save mankind. It is said that if the True white Brother, can not find one righteous person here, then the Earth will be destroyed. That brings us back to the story in the Bible of Lot. As the  three messengers told Abraham, Sodom and Gomorrah would be destroyed, he pleaded "If there are 10 good people left in the city, will you spare it then"?.. The creator said, "Yes if there are 10 good people, I will spare the city.' However, the Creator had not wanted to tell Abraham about this at all, because knowing the hearts within everyone, he knew there was only but one good person left in the city. Having this conversation, he kept his promise. If ten good men resided there, it would be saved. But the Creator was right,only one man resided there. This was Abraham's nephew Lot. Lot was spared and as the Messengers led Lot and his family away from the fiery city, they told no one to look back. However, Lot's wife did, and became a pillar of salt.

This is similar to the Hopi, and often events of old, were also used to prophesy about future events of the same sustenance in Scriptures.  I know when the Creator tells me a message of such profound heraldry, I do not always know how to say it. No one in this world wants to hear the truth. They want to live in blindness instead, and go about their fun lives of partying, technology, pretend, and inflamed ego. C'mon, you know its true.. I have much information, as the Creator shares everything with me. But like Lot's wife, how many would look back? She turned to salt. This was symbolic, that she could not let go the world.  Salt in symbolism represents perpetuity and incorruption. So this means, that with her seeing that the creator exerted power to create devastation and destroy the city, she was made an instant believer, and it scared her to the point she changed her outlook in a second, to becoming a person who now believed, had no doubts, and as a result then went on to live a blameless life from this profound epiphany. But, the creator told me this:

"In the day of the next happening, it will be on an epic scale, the violence, and corruption. The truth will be told, and people will realize they have done the wrong thing. That they placed their faith in the wrong things. And by that time, a majority of the people on the face of the Earth, will be corrupt. Therefore, when I come, it will be swift, and without their knowledge, and even those who wake up then... I will say I do not know them".  This message is given, because the Creator knows who is faithful, and who will turn faithful, as a result of not wanting to face the consequences. In this, he can not have turn coats, or selfish self saving people in the new world. He needs all of the people who are truly faithful to build the new Earth.  The messengers of the Hopi, said the same thing that happened to Lot, and Sodom, will happen in the world in the future. The Messengers will return one last final time, and they will read the hearts and motives of every person. They need to, and desire to, find the people who are still faithful truly, and not with conditions. They desire to save people and the Earth. This is why myself, and other messengers came here in human form. If we would have come as we used to, this world would have captured us, placed experiments on us, and used us as prisoners to grant their wishes. Still though, I am suppressed.

 The Children of the Feather said that the star, would come. this is likened to the star Wormwood in Revelations. But who and what were these messengers? And why were they called the Great White Brotherhood? More symbolism here.. The word Hopi means "Behaving one". Now the Brotherhood, said they need to find the "Hopi" in those days to save those who were good. But this did not mean only the Hopi Indian people. Hopi meaning behaving ones, meant all people who were "behaving".  The conflict would start with water. Water in spirit always represents vibrations, or pure spirit. So this means that the war will be a spiritual one, within every man, who will see the end coming in the clouds. Clouds are symbolic for "covering". Therefore, the spiritual war would be between entities who were "covered". Covered by what? Flesh. Demonic walk in's, as they would gain access by promoting spirituality. Meditation etc.. None of that has to be bad though. People hear things like that and think I am calling those things evil. I am not just a psychic, I am a messenger. I have to be psychic as a messenger, to gain access to the realms and heavens for everyone, and to heal. I did not gain this in one year of meditation. I was born and sent this way.  It is not something someone can just simply want, or say that they are. You have to be a real messenger, and it is not a fun job. however, many want the fancy title and glory that they think comes with it. Next to this, mediation and spirituality is a good thing, if you are being led by someone who is real and pure. Many do not know what they are communicating with, as all light is intelligence. Even negative. So I ask you this... if we are in 3D, and there are only two more levels down before micro, where are we as humans? And, if 2D conscious is not all that wise or aware, then where are demons then? Well, that is right... They reside in 4D, above us, not below. They are super wise, they used to be angels, some used to be humans. They were said to walk the Earth. How? In another dimension, and by living through humans. Humans are a medium for them into this world.

The White brotherhood, were called white, not because they were Caucasian. But because they were light beings. Made of pure white light, angelic messengers. The Children of the feather, were  not of an actual feather. The feather in symbolism meant, evolution, higher planes, and ability to float in the air. Air is equal to the spirit world. So the white brotherhood were light beings of higher planes, who were promoting evolution of consciousness. Masters, and Angels. This is why the Theosophical Society coins the term "Great White Brotherhood". I may not agree with all of theosophy, but I know that is a fact. Like I say, "Truths overlapped with deception is everywhere in all religions. It takes the true messenger to know all translations. Like the Children of the feather did. They came, because they were higher forms of wisdom not of this Earth, as all angels are. The Blues, were light beings from Orion, and they came to prepare the Hopi, for the angels coming. All were helping one another to prophesy on the future for mankind.

The Conclusion:

The Greys who worked with the Fallen, Anunnaki, some Reptilian races, the Maitre, and the Chameleon races, did not want mankind to evolve. Then they would lose their control and enslavement of humans. So they chased the Blues away. And then covered up the messages with their own agenda, reverse psychology, and lies. This is what most have believed up to this day. I am grateful for Blues in their work with the Angelic Race., But they did have to retreat until it would be time again., we will see them once more.

Want more information on this, and more? learn how to crack the truth from the cryptic codes in spirituality and religion with me in Truthology. www, Until then, we wait for the signs, but in truth, the war has already begun, but it is "covered".

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Andromedan Energy- The Traits

The Andromedans are a highly intelligent people, As are, any being that is not 3D. They are most of a spiritual nature, I will not go any further into detail. But, their appearance is off radar, no one here, ever really being able to define their appearances because they chamoflauge themselves into any species that they come around. Incarnated, they are a bit over dominating, strong, self  assertive, confident, and the attention of any crowd. They love being noticed, they love being the center of everyone's focus. Even though, they are so smart, sometimes they make some really bad decision making here in the physical life. They like to feel the five senses, and pleasure them. They enjoy food, the love sex, and they may try recreational drugs to stimulate the senses. Not always though, there are some, alot even who like to stimulate the senses naturally. These soul types are beings who like to try new things, and  then tell everyone about it. They are sensitive, but they do not always try to show it, except, it comes out anyway in their mannerisms. The males seem more in touch with the female and male, aspects of the duality, almost understanding what a woman wants totally.

The females, have a bit of that dominating energy, in which makes them the pants of the relationships, because they are so self assertive. Popular, and well known, Andromedans, are quite beautiful people. Soft features, shiny hair, and beautiful eyes. These personalities like to try out new things, but they often stick with what they know looks best on them. So, if something looked good on them in the 90's, there is a pretty good chance that will still be rocking it. The down side to this soul type, is that they can be jealous, possessive, and even at time cheat on their significant other, because of the attention. If they do not get enough, they will find elsewhere. If they find it, the will relish it. They love sensual things. They are very peace loving and cannot stand negative drama. They do love some good excitement though.

Most Andromedans, not all now, all natural healers, and very organized. Their clothing, home, and physical appearance will be top notch. They heal with the organization skills. However, their hands do the talking. The have emissions of energy that come out of their touch that would make them great at being nurses, doctors, reiki masters,physical and massage therapists, They love the risk, the thrill, and sensation of anything fun in life, and have bubbly personalities. However, if others are not going along with the agenda, they can become irritated, and sometimes spiteful. Some may act childish, but really they do have a mature way about them, that they learned as a soul back home. It is just that everything is so highly technical there, that they want to let loose and experience life. And they do. They will stay in long term commitments, but there will always be a sense of longing freedom there. They like to do so many different things. They think life on Earth is so behind in the times, and some of the things that we do here, are from their ancient past. That's right. They are technologically advanced, and far ahead in all things. Their world would not even fit into the idea of our distant future because they have so much time ahead of us.

Souls from Andromeda have to keep moving and traveling. Their energy is very confident, but not proud. They enjoy their achievements, and appreciate the wisdom they learned to get there. they are one of the more peaceful, positive soul types in Starseed Soul Types, and have a great agenda within their council, to make sure peace is held all over, celestially too.

Andromedan Starseeds:
Peace Keepers
Love a good risk or thrill
like to travel and explore
Enjoy sexuality
Have a good head on their shoulders
Are laid back and chill in their personality
Have a great charm, and confidence
Tend to be popular and well liked.
Like technology
Enjoy commitment, but like to explore love.
Have great wisdom but balance that with having fun
Natural Healers in Reiki
Want to try new things
Like to create with their hands
Have a laid back style of their own
Leader in a group of friends,not followers
Light up the room and are mainly the center of attention
Great Fashion Sense
Like dancing and music

They can have some flipside traits, we'll go into those later on. in all, Andromedans are the fun, popular people we always wish we could be like.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Carina Starseeds

Carina is a beautiful place for a soul to come from. As I have said, souls can come from all over the infinite Universe. If one does not understand the blueprints or could creation process, than they can certainly learn all out it at Truth of Living Light, once I post all about it. For now, knowing where your soul comes from in it's origin, is a big part i beginning to understand your soul much more. Your soul changes as it goes, building up, who you will ultimately be, so you may have had many experiences, in many characters, or only one that you felt totally connected to. Some could have only just been a star seed, while many start in their planet or star system home, and go on to change into a different type of soul as they go. 
Carina, is one of the places that a soul can come from.

Carina is rich in wisdom, and as all "Gods" or magical beings had come from the stars in stories of old, Carina has their visitors who have come to Earth too.  anyone who came from the stars, who had a more advanced way, were called Gods, even though they were not actually. Carina is a star that is a few hundred light years from Earth. Astronomers in ancient times, said it was the bottom corner of the ship, led by Jason and The Argonauts, in their voyage to retrieve the golden fleece. Carina is a part of a three constellation picture in the night skies from Earth view. All three together were called Arvos Navis, meaning "The Argo ship" after the Jason and the Argonauts story. Puppis, Vela, and Carina, all together make up the entire larger constellation of this ship. In reality, the stars are light years apart, and do not make a ship at all. They only gave it this shape to represent a story, that happened with a Carina entity who came from there, in the ancient times. They associated the shape to the story.

Carina houses a huge nebula, of all different colors, much like an eye. In the story Jason sought out the famous magical golden fleece for power. He seeks it out, with Hercules, and many others, as there is a plot for his own death. Pelias who murdered Jason's father for the throne, hopes the conquest will prove to be too hard, and kill Jason, so that the prophecy made by the seer who Pelias had been working with, will not come true, of Jason succeeding him to the throne. He did not want Jason to reclaim it. Now, a goddess helps Jason along the way, and he is successful. The story of the fleece itself, is really interesting. The God Zeus had given the golden ram, to the ancestor of Jason, named Phrixus. Phrixus used the golden ram as transportation, from Greece to Colchis, whose King was a son of the God Helios. His name was Aietes, Aietes sacrificed the golden ram and hung the sacred fleece in a place that was guarded by a dragon. A seer foretold of Aietes losing his rule, if he lost the fleece itself. So it was very upsetting to know someone was after it.

What does this all have to do with Carina, and the astronomers making the shape of the ship that Jason sailed on, in the stars? Well,  a woman who had fell in love with Jason named Medea, was from Varina. This was never mentioned as it would not be. But she was a star being who had lived in those times. She was infactuated with Jason. When their relationship fell apart, she killed his children, and tragedy struck Jasons life. Later on, his own magical ship fell apart and a piece of the ship, where they have Carina depicted in the constellation, killed him. This was symbolic, in the entire story, of how his love, (who was of Carina, killed him), all in the name of lust, passion, and seeking out a great star vehicle, made by the people of Vela, nearby to Carina.  Zeus had retireved it for Phrixus, so that jason (as Zeus knew the future) would be able to retirve it later on,. He was helping him, because Hera, zes lover, had taken a favorting of Jason herself, and he was great friends with Zeus' human son, Hercules too. Jason was a great descendant of the people from Vela, because his relative Phrixus, had been a vela star descendant himself. The golden ram, was a vehicle, which when taken apart, became like an armor. The reason Aietes was said to lose his power of King if he lost it, was because whoever wore it had great protection. So far, he had it. But if Jason gained the "fleece" he could fight Aietes' armies, and win, without injury.

Therefore, Vela and Carina were "neighbors" and the Vela race had created the vehicle that mythology disguised as the golden ram. Zeus made sure Jason could obtain it on Earth,to help him, upon requesy of Hera his lover, and his human son Hercules. They both wanred Jason to rule again. But Hera got jealous along the way, and fixed Jason up with Medea a star being from Carina, who later killed him,  which they said was the keel of his ship that had hit him in the head and took his life, which was symbolic. Carina is the keel of the ship in the stars, so this was merely representing how he used Medea to get to where he wanted to get to in life as far as gaining his throne back, and she in turn destroyed him. A good hidden story.

After all of that, not many beings came from Vela or Carina anymore.But some did incarnate down on Earth here and there, for a human experience. They were infatuated with human lifew. Earth life, and architecture is so different from the civilizations in those places. They are extremely technological, and use gold to build a lot, which is why they were here in the first place, to mine gold. In turn, the Earth felt it fair to ask for weapons to be made by the beings there in exchange for mining.

Souls who have come from Carina, are coming from a majestic place, looking much like the sanctuary of the Gods there,in their cities. Naturally,their traits go as follows:

Starseed Traits:

1. Shy

2. They have a great mind for home and family (Medea showed this in her love of Jason)
3. Very responsible, loyal and dependable
4. Often suffer from low self esteem if their partner is not making them feel sexy
5. Great interest in spiritual teachings of Earth, and in other parts of mythology.
6. Have a love of the stars.
7. Connected to nature a lot, as their soul needs the outdoors to super charge.
8. Strong motherly instinct as women,
 9. Men, they are strong father figures, from their family traditions in Carina.
10. Carina Souls  have wonderful personalities, usually very silly, when letting loose
11. Like to multitask and take on many things at once
12. They crave peace and a true sense of harmony
13. Very romantic, as Medea was
14. Fair minded,
15. Easily influenced by others (this was a good way o depicting this as Medea had been easily . led by Jason)
16. When they love, they love forever
17. Hard time making up their mind sometimes, they wish to follow the heart, but also listen to their mind, this leads to not always knowing what to do, until having time to think.
18. These souls love adventure
19. A great want, to live in their own comfort zones, and strive to make their homes that way.
20. Great taste in design,and  fashion
21.  They learn about themselves, through their friends, and choices in companion
22.  Always want to make everybody happy
23. When comfrotable, and when they have their family and chosen partner, they can tend to be a bit laid back, without huge motivations, they get too comfortable at times
24. Have a great need of approval form others
25. People pleasers
26. Suffer from depression easily because they need aot of love and attention to feel whole
27.  They sometimes have very extreme dualities, just like Medea, who was so loving, but when hurt, went on to do the worse thing ever. Not all Carina souls would do such of course, but they do have extreme emotions at times, that even they do not always understand.
28. Very passionate, and honest
29. Wonderful Instincts

Love is a great topic for these souls, because this is the entire way, for those in Carina. It is a city full of luxury, love, and romance,  They have a great gathering with all of the many people of the city. The gatherings are each day, celebrating love, dancing, friendship, all while wining and dining. The romance is great there, as you would see people laying in one another's laps, taking  turns in feeding each other, and flirting with poetry, and songs.  The technology there is a magnificent topic too. They have great technology, and especially their transportation. However, this world has been seeking for the actual beings to come from Carina not directly, because they want them to make weapons for them. Carina had stopped making them in ancient times. They did not want the earthlings to have such weapons. Therefore, they also stopped mining here around that time. Being in their home, they travelled to many other places, and amde alot of alliances with other races, in case Earth tried to start a war, when they were scheduled to return to Earth, in the year 2017. The incarnated souls here, will go home, after their life here.

The women of Carina have beautiful Chestnut hair, and wear it up in an array of flowers, native to their home called Fi. These are  tiny blue flowers that have petals that are feathery. The people there wear long robes made of a very light matrial. The men usually have full beards, and wear their hair in a band that pushes it back from the face, or they knot it up in a bun of sorts, because they keep it long.  The atmosphere is full of the council. The council is made of 19 Angelic Elders. They are huge angels, who fly in the sky above them, which is also blue. The angels there, often interact with the people, picking them up and even taking them on great travels through the empire of Carina, in the sky. Their wings are huge, and much like a feathery mist, strokes coming from the back. The kingdom below, is full of gold ornaments, as they were taking alot form Earth, to fashion their world in luxery. It has tall pillars that hold up the buildings, and the buildings themself remind me of the  greek ruins here, which is where they got the ideas. before coming to Earth and being influenced by the design, their empire was consistant of just tall rounded buildings in their city. That was until they redesigned everythign based on earth's architecture. Having to be the best at everything, they fashioned the gold ornaments and made their structures bigger. These beings look very human, and usually kept their bodies very full figured, as they do have a period of hibernation, as their world gets very hot, and then the can not go outside, so many have underground rooms under their homes to keep cool. This is when they food is limited. Therefore, they take care of collecting food  during less harsh months, considered their Spring. They only have the two seasons, Spring and Summer. Summer is an extremely hot time. Almost unbearable.

Here on Earth, souls incarnated from Carina, usually take on a soul contract that allows them to have similar features, such as the brown hair, and brown eyes. They will strive to live in comfort, as the luxurious living on Carina will be imprinted within them. They love having families, and have a close circle of friends, who may be made out of their own relatives. They are very social, and liked alot, by others. Their love of the outdoors, may lead to feel connected to nature, and spirits within it. Carina, does have sirens and Centaur in their home too.  Not the typical mermaids though. The Sirens of Carina, have one long serpent like tail, and being huge as they are, they would be frightening to the Humans. The Centaur were native there, made from Earth's ancient beginning, and brought there, to populate the world within Carina. This was one of the places that they were brought to. This joined our culture and theirs, in the mythological creatures, and stories, as well as a few others such as Regulus, and Eridanus too.

Carina Soul Types have a great imagination and connection to many soul types, and creatures, as a result of being influenced by them  here and in their home star system.

If you have had a soul reading with me, and I only indicated that you were a starseed, then it is more than likely, that you are only a Star seed. However, there is always a chance that your soul evolved through out the journey and could have been a few different things, or one that you felt more connected to. This is why the akasha reading is so essential to understanding one's soul.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Perseus- Unicorn Star Children

Creation of the Unicorn

Unicorns,there are so many species in this world's spiritual planes, as well as out there in the universe too. I mentioned how it all began here. However, I did not mention the many beings who relate to the Unicorn ancestry at some point way back in the celestial lineage.. This like the subject of fairies, can go on and on, and we will come back to this one as well. For now, let's meet a very particular star being, who had a role with the angels, in creating the Unicorn race.

As you know,many have their own perspective in this world of ideas concerning the alien races, spiritual types, and incarnations. In my previous blogs, I mentioned that the Angels, Atlans, and another specific type of race, came to Earth, and played a hand in evolving the native humans, as well as many animals. Many other species of animals were also created. They have so much fear based propaganda out there, to make humans fear the star beings, in order for them to not embrace an alliance with them again. If you were a world leader, would you want your people to make friends with those who had a hand in jump starting mankind? There would be fear, in the ego of that leader, that the people would rather go to the other beings instead, for leadership. The threat of domination and control that exists here, would no longer be, because knowing that benevolent souls out there, may be able to help.

One of the races out the that has a terrible reputation, is the Alcohbata from Perseus, as well as friends who came from Monoceres. There are many species who come from those places, and more to come in the future, as life evolves not only here, but where ever life is housed.  I know that to many here on Earth, they may not be the most beautiful of creatures, and I will cover this in another blog located at, Starseed Children. However, the horse race has been to Earth, and referenced here for a very long time, through out ancient history. After having came from their home in the stars, they came to reside in Lemuria. It was a beautiful world. I once saw a clip from a movie that someone had me review. They wanted me to comment on the subliminal messages, and also on if I felt it had hidden truths. It was called "Jupiter Ascending", and sure enough, there were a lot of references in there, subliminally, and indirectly on the surface too. In one of the scenes, they had a midway check point for space travelers, that had a huge city full of many different species. They do have a lot of other races out there, that have been withheld from the public for a very long time. In those undisclosed races, were the Alcohbata, whom they said were malevolent, and very dangerous. Alien abductions were claimed as a result of their visits. It reminds me of how the monarchy used to do things in old times. When a new king would arise, and they wanted the old king's glory to fall, they would make up fake historical facts that were forever documented, as well as even going as far as, painting grotesque pictures to make them look monstrous.  Here is a photograph of what they are claiming the Alcohbata to look like:

In human judgement, many would say that this is a very ugly being there. well, those who are enlightened would see a beauty to them, as all creations are beautiful. However, this is not at all what the Alcohbata look like., It is a bit similar, but with many things changed, to meet the defaming criteria. They have tan colored skin for one. and the nose is a bit longer. They also have blues eyes, and a thin layer of fur, that is white.  their head is also not aligned liked the picture shows. It only has two ears on top, with a small nub in the center, that is rather short. These beings have been long known, reaching back even into the earliest of Hinduism, as they revered these beings, as "Gods". They called one in particular, Hayagriva.  If they were so malevolent, then why did they seem to peacefully get along with the people of ancient India?  They were not malevolent, but as you can perhaps see, they do not want anyone to look to the "Gods", any more. So they gave them a bad reputation instead. The Alcohbata are a peaceful race, full of magic.

Having power, they have been able to do many wonderful things, and as a result, they left a lasting imprint on the world of religion. They have many artistic depictions of this race, all throughout the Hindu culture. They are said to hold much wisdom and knowledge. But are they physical? No. Many of the star races are not. To they themselves, they are. They interact in thei r world, as we do here, only at their own higher vibration. In truth, nothing is really physical. Everything in existence is made of vibration particles, to create the imagery of the dimension and it's frequency. The race went on to help in creating altered versions of their people, and the horse race on earth, with DNA genetic modification. Changing the program so to speak. This is what led to the discovery of the Unicorn. They could not have done this without the authority of the angelic beings though, as they would need them for access to the codes.In the creation of the Unicorn, much of the magical powers got transferred, and a magical, peaceful and serene creature was created to walk the face of the Earth. Many creatures were made by the help of the angels, and many ideas from the many other beings that were created to exist outside of the Earth's matrix. There were so many wonderful ideas and creations here in the beginning, many who had been hunted for their mystical qualities, and some for the sole purpose of ridding the Earth, of anything powerful. It is truly a barbarous thing to know, that mankind in their days of uprising, rebelled too, making this world ugly.

As humans, and many other beings were altered in their structures, to have become what they were, much of the blended ideas of the Universe, came together here, on the Blue Planet. It was a true place of imagination and magic. The Unicorn having been created to live here in this environment, could not live elsewhere. Just like the other mythical beings, who were not myth, but real. After they started to go extinct, new places were made to house and safeguard them in other magical realms. Some of these beings still incarnate in and out of those realms though. And with them, inside of the DNA, they carry a small part from their celestial ancestors, the Alcohbata. Now, like I said, the Alcohbata were not the only ones to had came to Earth, of this Horse like race. The Alcohbata who were from Perseus, also came with the beings of Monoceros. Monoceros houses beings who can either walk on two legs, or on all fours. They are the most kind, and compassionate people. They look totally horse like in appearance, and are extremely beautiful, as they are made in a variety of colors. 
I know how strange it may seem, but the Universe is a huge home to all sorts of ideas, and creations, that nothing can seem to strange. The original horses here in this world were smaller. As they created beautiful majestic beings, the Archons when they took over, thought that horses would make wonderful slaves. So, they used the programming to make a species of horses, as he have today, having used the creator's powers, for their own will and agenda.
Many beings had been created from the Monoceros, and Perseus lineage combined with the horse DNA here on Earth. Some of them were combinations of different things like for one, the Unicorn. Then the Centaur.  As the Archons played with creation, they thought having a half man, half horse, would make giving orders, easier. After Lemuria, the Alcohbata and the Monceroans, decided to go on home. They had felt used, after their beautiful creations were taken and misused. So they returned home, before it was too late too. However, the Unicorn, and Centaur still existed.  They held a great and powerful magic within too, that was sought by even the greatest of rulers here.

Even today, here on Earth, a new species of humans evolves, as all of the beautiful different races mix together in love, marriage and breeding. They say that by 2065, many of the humans on Earth will come to have a golden skin, with curly reddish blonde hair, and blue eyes. This is from the evolution of mankind, and I can definitely see it happening. There will always be some trace of the original races somewhere, but a majority of humans will come to have that very distinct look. The races outside of the Universe, they do the same.  The entire creation process is made from those in authority coming together with the different DNA, to make new life in other worlds, and planets. New life is popping up all of the time. Beings go from home to home, in the stars, and they breed, not just with their own, to create new species. Life is said to not exist outside of Earth though. That is incorrect.

The Unicorn and Centaur, are both loving, kind compassionate beings who were created from the earth, and two distinct races out there in the stars. Their legacy lives on, only in another plane of existence here,in the world of Earth. No matter the extended origins, they are real, beautiful, magical, and now a part of the Earth, no matter what. One day, benevolent angels, will come and fix the mess that the fallen angels had made in interfering, and everyone will be free to start over if they like. Until then, we can appreciate the beauty in the Creation process, involving Earth species, and others.

The Unicorn created on Earth, some were taken with the Alcohbata and Monceros star beings, to create a new world and race out there too. I will go into this in another blog soon. many creatures are taken from all over, and planted into other worlds, to populate, as they are always creating. The process never stops. There are many Unicorn species as a result of the creation process.

Soul Readings

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Starseeds and Angelics

The Arcturian's are the ones' who taught all of the star systems to become more advanced. They first started with the Martian Star System which was greatly advanced by the time they were finished learning everything there was to know from the Arcturians. Then the Artucrians went to the Pleiades. The people of Pleiades were already advanced in their consciousness and when the Arcturians came, it became even more advanced then the Arcturians themselves, which is why many believe the Pleiadians were the ones who began this entire journey.

The consciousness itself that they were teaching was to deny the aspect of self, and embrace all as a whole, harnessing the energy from one another and using it to make one large mass of consciousness capable of creating bigger, better things, including realities and dimensions themselves. When I say that many of these star systems were already advanced before the Arcturians got to them, I am talking about having telepathic abilities, higher advanced technology, and extreme psychic abilities. They already had a sense of enlightenment. It was only when the Arcturians taught them to forget the self, and ban together with their power, that they became God-Like.

The leaders of Arcturus were Angels who manifested themselves into the reality in order to teach this people the secrets of the Universe. They made up some of the High Counsel there. The Arcturian People  revered them.  The Angels wanted the same sacred wisdom of the Universe to be spread through out all star systems and peoples. They decided to teach the Arcturian People how to take their energy and send it to live in other planets. Earth's vibration was pretty high to begin with at the beginning so it was easy for them to just come here and build new civilizations. They joined together with some of the other peoples through out the Universe to come to Earth on this mission, creating the Highly advanced civilizations of our ancient past. Atlantis, Egypt,Sumeria etc. However, there were other Angelics who had a different agenda. They want to rule over the peoples as Lords and get all recognition for themselves, so they followed the Angels, and Arcturians and others through out their journey through the cosmos making alliances of their own. These Fallen Angels influenced the Reptilian Races, and Greys into working with them. They also infiltrated the Martians. All of these beings, the Martians, Reptilians, and Greys also came to Earth and started to interfere in the happy lives of the people in the Civilizations here on Earth, and also through out the Star systems. Dropping their spies into these places all over. That is why we have reptilian races all through out the Universe. They are all working towards Universal Domination by imprisoning the beings on their very own planets by lowering the vibrations and consciousness.

The Angels who wanted the very best for everyone left Earth and went back to the celestial world, to wait for instruction on when to fight back. The other races also left which explains why those civilizations were left looking abandoned and the people erased from time. The Fallen Angels and their allies had won for the time being. Earth's vibration had been brought down so low, that the Angels, and Star People could no longer visit in their regular forms. The only way to get back to Earth would be to transport themselves back here as a soul being born into the human bodies which could withstand this very dense vibration.

At the appointed time, they started sending themselves to be born here, in order to raise the consciousness and vibrations again. We are born with the same high IQ, the same power over Energy, and the same psychic telepathic abilities in order to do this. Many of the others are born forgetting, as the memory of their former lives is knocked out of them by the grid built around the Earth by these fallen angels and other beings, and some still have their memories. Either way, the mission will be completed.

The Angels and Starseeds have been incarnating here for a long time, and many of them scheduled to start their awakening process in 2012, when the gate would be opened as the planets aligned once more. The Planetary alignment created a wormhole or portal for this etheric energy to slingshot to Earth for all of those without their memories to start the search to get them back. That is why many are seeking. The Arcturians, and Pleiadians, are helping the Angels to lead the way once more, but we have many of the others who have  come here to assist. The Sirians  had sworn to never return to Earth again, due to ugliness bestowed upon them during their first visit, But they knew the deep need for their assistance, and put their feelings to the side, and joined us with the Venusians, Apollonians, Vegans, Minatakens, and the many feline races, who have come to help the human souls to ascend and finally get out of here. Everyone will get to go home to a better place, and the 3rd and 4th dimensions will become a prison to those who tried to dominate everyone.

I will be doing articles on the teachings of the different Starseeds and Angelic races through out this blog. Love and Light to each and everyone of you, because if you reading this, it is because you are one of us, and whether Angelic, or Starseed, we are family.

If you seeking memories of home, or your origins, I can read the journey of your soul for you and your mission.Soul Origins, and Memories Reading

Plerions- A combined race?

The future of Pleiades is evolutionary. They are always expanding and trying to combine forces. At this current time the Pleiadian Star system is  not far from the constellation Orion. This has combined the two people together. They want to grow and expand their consciousness by mixing the Orion and Pleiadian Consciousness together. They have plans to eventually send some of that consciousness out to other star systems in the form of smaller stars, that are a part of the Pleiades when they finally do combine, and transmit the energy into one big conscious mind. Imagine all of that knowledge, and power that the Orion and and Pleiadians will have, when they finally evolve into a being, of both understandings. What caused this to come about? Firstly, the Pleiadians want to help the Orions catch up. They also want to make large masses of consciousness in the celestials, to finally defeat the Reptillian agenda. Once this happens the Pleiadians and Orions will come to be called the Plerions. I know this from a channeled message from one of the elders from the Pleiadian High Counsel,. This elder who goes by the name of Semerion, told me that even the milky way and andromeda galaxies will one day unite together as one. Many of the collossal forms of consciousness, are doing it through out the Universe. One day all will join together as one large celestial kingdom. I can't disagree with Semerion. Scientists even agreed that Pleiades is floating it's way into Orion, but they say it will be another 250 billion years before it takes place, but Semerion tells me it will take place much sooner than we think.

When I was little, Semerion used to tell me stories of the life there once that I left. Being an Incarnated Angel, I was entitled to have not only a 4th dimensional guide, but also  5th, 6th, and 7th guides too. So, I worked with all of my guides fervently, including Semerion, my Pleiadian 5D guide. He would tell me stories on how everyone wanted peace for Earth so badly. I often felt bad about leaving. Semerion says that one day, many more Orion Starseeds will be born here than ever, so that they can get more experience in helping humankind and their way of life, like the Pleiadians have. I am excited but know that this is my last incarnation here, so I will not get to see it. I will not be going back to Pleiades, as it was merely a training place for me as an Angel, I will instead go back to the Upper realms instead. Hopefully, I will get see more of the changes in our Universe from there.

There is plenty of time before Pleiades and Orion join forces, and many can prepare they way for any others who are coming here to get their learning in before any big changes but we can expect so many wonderful things to take place later on for sure. However, until then, many of the Ground Crew here on earth are planning wonderful things, to make Earth a better place to live on too. For one thing, Semerion says, that we are going send some healing energy into the consciousness of many other the starseeds, who have had less of an easy experience here in their human lives. This will help many to move on, and forward. We also are advocating for some of the Vegan Starseeds, to start opening up and begin giving the humans more knowledge here. Vegans have so much to share, but the reptilians have suppressed them so much, that when coming to Earth, they did not have much trust to just come out and speak freely and openly, about the Universal Teachings and knowing of the Spirit Realms, They could even teach humans how to protect one's self, from an attack from a malevolent being.

 We are working hard, with the Angelic Realm. Archangel Michael is making the way for the Universal love, and brotherhood to also be on Earth, among the incarnated Starseeds and Angels too. We all live too separate due to the hardships of the human beings judging and outcasting us. Their closed mindedness, has made it hard for us to even want to embark on this mission. Abiding by the 5th dimensional law of service to others, makes us do it anyway. We are true advanced light beings and know we can not be partial. We must help all no matter what. I am so excited for all of these positive changes, and so much more to come. Hope is the best feeling, and Pleiadians know this feeling best as they help instill it in beings Universe wide. The new Plerion race will be even more positive!

Eeivia Starseeds- Cassiopeia

More Cassiopeia Star Beings

The Cassiopeia star beings, are rather different than many would think. Even though the Greeks named the constellations after their gods, their Gods do not look much like how they depicted them in their Ancient art. These beings are huge, and they are also very vibrant and colorful. Many of them have the basic extraterrestrial form, with the elongated head, only not as extreme. It reminded me much of the shape of King Tut's head. Their skin is of a light green with a lot of body art in many different arrays of colors, but mainly purple as that is the color of their civilization anthem.

Purple, is the color of their robes and also symbolic of their neighboring nebula, which is visible to them, where they are. The cloudy atmosphere, leaves some visual aspect of the nebula, which they call, Vicakiar (the throne of God). Their spiritual belief, is that all cosmic remnants come from Source, and the bigger of the gathering of remnants, the more “God” that is present. They believe that the structures which are not sentient, are more God like, because it is in a state of all-knowing, without having to vocalize this “all-knowing”. Basically, any celestial body, nebula, star or otherwise, is a God, and the bigger, the wiser. A God does not have to share the wisdom by speaking it, so their council of elders do not speak at all… This is to represent their “All knowing wisdom, and connection to the God that they chose to represent their planet. That would be the nearby nebula, Vicakiar. It is the holy throne of God, as they know it.
In this system, it made of energy beings. This means that they are not physical. To us, they would seem spiritual, or even unseen due to their vibration, just like it is difficult to see spirits here. But to them, they see one another just like we do. They exist on the frequency of 5D, and in their world, it is full of culture that is rich in the use of holographic technology. They, being so high in the vibration, have the realization that everything is just made up of molecules and particles of light, so they have mastered the use of it, and can beam themselves straight into your home, without you even knowing they are there. They of course, could reveal themselves if they wanted, but they know how scary it must be for a human to just one day turn, and see a huge being standing there. They do not want to frighten. However, I feel it is a bit of an invasion of privacy, and for people who are sensitive to energy, they would feel some kind of presence and still be afraid, so I think they should rethink that over.
Cassiopeians, as called on Earth, actually go by the name of  Eeivia (Yay-Vee-ya), and are very kind beings. They have a soft spot for any environment that is suffering, which is why they intently keep an eye on earth. The word has already gotten out, that they are joining many of the benevolent races to aid the planet Earth, but they never openly admitted it, for their own safety. The Eeivia race is one that helps one another, and have an energy that brings traits much like the Pleiadians, in kindness, compassion, and understanding, and the usage of mental telepathy. They also have their very own star language for their world too. But, their energy is not as light, and airy as the Pleiadian race is. Theirs is a bit, how do I explain this,... hot, and heavy. A feeling of monochopsis, is a better term, when a being of this race is nearby.
It could be likened to a person having a panic attack, for a human who comes into contact, because the vibration is so much higher than 3D, and they do come from a hot atmosphere. Their presence is so full of energy, that you would definitely feel like you were totally out of place. Like something was not right, and you did not belong. That was my first reaction when they came forward to channel with me. I had been noticing them for years, but since they made it a point to keep quiet, and unseen, although not unseen to me, LOL.. I just respected that. But I feel they started noticing that I noticed, but made no mention, and then this was confirmed in the channeling. I really liked their energy after getting comfortable.

They spoke of many things, even of some of the own, having come to Earth to be born here. They wanted to have some “insiders” so that they could communicate with them astrally, or in sleep (dream), and lead the person to want to take action. Some have tried to protest, some have tried to fund-raise, all in the name of their Cassiopeian (Eeivian) roots, spiritually.  They are fighters for justice, equality, love, and harmony for all here. I got to see some who were of this origin, and it was very surprising, because many of them do not even know that they are.  Some will never find out the truth.  Perhaps, they are not meant to.
The leader who visited, the leader of that team of projectors, as I call them,because that is exactly what they were doing, projecting their image to earth, he was very nice. It seemed more female to me at first, and since there is no physical indication of gender, I did not know right away, and I said to the being “ I am pleased to meet a beautiful female ambassador from Eeivia”. I was mortified when he said, " I am a male”. Oh wow, I had thought I insulted him, but he knew why I assumed what I had, and we moved on quickly from it. He then went on to speak of alot of the plans for this world’s salvation, to come in the future, after the “death” cycle. All things must die to be reborn. So this shift, is all about that.

The next to come will be the renewal. Death can mean anything so do not get worried. It involves the death of the old ways of doing things. The death of views etc. Yes, physical death is included in their, but many of you will not have to worry about that. I am ensuring your safety each night when I channel to the higher ups.  It is the non-believers that must worry. Not, of punishment, but of learning, learning that there is a Creator, and a force behind it, that all creatures on earth are subjects to. Instead, many became subjects of the world instead.
The beings near Cassiopeia, because in actuality, the stars in the constellation are light years away in distance, so using the term Cassiopeia, is loose. It is generally to give you an idea of the whereabouts. In any case, this civilization is a huge empire, and they have many connections to many other races, as they work together, beaming in and out of one another’s environments. They meet to work out different idea not only for earth, but other realities that have a similar atmosphere. Negativity and disharmonic. They are the fighters of peace in the Universe.
As a starseed: the souls who were incarnated down from this place will be:
Strategic planners,having good insight of how to communicate with others, good speakers, with passion and deep meaning. They are loving, kind, and always for the people. They would do anything for anyone, giving all that they had even the shirt on their back to save others in times of hardship and despair. They are comforters, and compassionate people, who feel when someone else feels, and sees life through everyone else’s eyes. They love working in humanitarian areas, fundraising, charity, and activism. They are normally vegetarian, as in their home planet, they never ate meat, and it actually grosses them out to think of it.  They are educated in sociology because they have a longing to know about how people and society work, so they can get in there, and make changes. They would be community service volunteers, and volunteers for children and elderly people. They have a great mind for building organizations, and using proficient methods to assist and renew any given situation that needs relief. You would find one in a disaster relief situation trying to feed the hungry and rebuild the area and homes, for free. They are so very empathic, and sympathetic. They would naturally be tall, around 5’8 and 6 foot, even the females. Very thin and soft featured.
These Beings are a wonderful attribute to our existence here, because even though it is not their world, they care, and so do the human versions of them. They do not hate life or earth,because they realize that it can be beautiful once again with a little help. Optimistic, and outgoing, they attract people who need confidence and leadership. There are many races from all over, even a few at a time in other galaxies and star systems. The discovery never ends.

Spica Starseeds, are very rare starseeds. In my work, I have only ever met one or two. It was always a pleasure though. There are three...